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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is science and evidence based, and is the treatment and management of conditions by physical means.

I am a manual therapist and I favour a 'hands on' and continual assessment approach to treatment.
I am committed to excellence in clinical standards and strive to maintain best practise through regular professional development.

I also use electro therapeutic measures such as Ultrasound and Interferential Therapy. When combined with manipulation,mobilisation and massage techniques, these can help to restore painfree range of movement and function in joints and soft tissues.

I believe strongly that the key to effective treatment is a comprehensive examination and assessment.
The first physiotherapy treatment may take up to an hour and I will allow time for discussion,examination and treatment.

At Beckenham Physiotherapy Clinic I approach assessment from an holistic viewpoint, considering the sometimes overlooked occupational, ergonomic, social and psychological factors contributing to symptoms.
It is important that I understand your physical/functional needs in relation to your work,sport or recreation. If you think it would help to bring along your sport equipment or musical instrument etc then please do so.

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What conditions can be helped?

I can provide effective treatment for:

  • Back and sciatic pain
  • Neck pain including whiplash
  • headaches and migraine
  • Joint sprains,strains and arthritic conditions
  • Muscle,tendon and ligament injury or inflammation
  • Injury resulting from occupation,sports,gardening and DIY
  • Following fractures and orthopaedic surgery including joint replacement.

    Treatments I use may include:

  • Joint mobilisation, manipulation and traction
  • Spinal traction
  • Massage techniques
  • Exercise rehabilitation including stretching,strengthening and fitness
  • Core stability training using the Pilates model and swiss ball
  • Postural re -education and alignment
  • Ultrasound,Interferential,Tens,mechanical massage
  • Supportive strapping,corrective taping and kinesiology taping
  • Supply of supports,orthotics and walking aids

    What benefits can be expected?

    The aim of treatment is to restore you to full,pain free normal function as quickly as possible.
    Final outcomes will depend on pre-existing conditions, health and fitness and your compliance with advice regarding exercise, posture and ergonomics.

    The average number of treatments is between 4 and 5 and these may be given close together or spread out depending on the condition and its response to treatment.

    I will closely monitor signs and symptoms at each visit and will always be happy to discuss alternative approaches to treatment. It may be necessary for me to liaise with your GP/Consultant and suggest investigations or referral. This however,would only be done with your prior consent.

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